Why You Should Use the KOR 5 Roughing End Mill from Kennametal

Why You Should Use the KOR 5 Roughing End Mill from Kennametal



Choosing the right roughing end mill matters. This is your workhorse and what allows you to get the material off as quickly and efficiently as possible - then after the majority of your material is gone you come back and "Kiss the baby" (as we like to say) bringing the part into tolerance and get the right surface finish. When we choose a roughing end mill we are looking for speed, rigidity, and ultimately MRR (Metal Removal Rate). In all of our testing, we've found that nothing compares to the Kennametal KOR 5 in aluminum. It's a beast of a tool and why we recommend it so highly. 

"We've tested tools from all the top companies...I have never run a tool like this." 

The "King of Roughing"

End mills come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. But like we've discussed, what matters is how that tool impacts your efficiency and ability to produce parts to compete against the shop down the street...and around the world. The King of Roughing or KOR 5 was designed for increased productivity and that is shown in the addition of 5 flutes for better removal rates, and a deeper axial cut. It also adds to increased rigidity and excellent surface finishes. Chip breakers are added to split the chip and allow for consistency of cuts without material being gulled up.

The KOR 5 is all about high-efficiency milling so we recommend that you drop full depth in Z and use the entire flute for increased rigidity. You won't be disappointed with the results. 

"The only limit we've found is the machine" 

Don't just take our word for it 

This tool is a BEAST. Put it to the test in your applications and follow our direction on speeds, feeds, and depths of cut for the greatest results. No matter the application, the KOR 5 is a workhorse and will help you increase your productivity. Get the material off quickly and even use the KOR 5 as a finishing end mill due to the amazing surface finishes from the 5-flute design. Check out the offerings on the Kennametal KOR 5 here